- Updated 3 April 2004 -

Now that the Pungo Post Office is dumping full wheelbarrels of letters over here on the Madblood Mansion front porch, we thought we'd share some of the nice things that people have had to say:

February 12th

Dr. Madblood:

Back in 1988, I was the Klingon Captain that beat you up at Universal Studios in LA. You were part of the landing party in the Star Trek movie. Did you ever air that late nite? I saw you on the air when I was stationed in VA Beach. I am now in Newport, RI. I still have the video.

Jay Jallette

October 16th

Dear Doctor Madblood,

Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed the latest Naro screening of PLAN 9,one of the greatest "anticlassics" of all time.I love the screenings and look forward to more.If you know any other titles that have been selected for Naro lateshows ,I'd love to know what they are.Anyway,thanks again for the great show and I wish you well on the new season !
Best Regards,
Erick Hart

October 7th

I was telling my partner about watching your show when I was a teenager in Petersburg, VA. How my sister and I would struggle to get the TV Antenna in the right postion to pick up your signal! God, we loved your show! We loved the Brain! The two of you were the funniest duo we had ever see! I still have my certificate from when I joined the Merry Madblood Mirth Makers!

We were playing around on the internet and for giggles, we ran your name! And there you are!!

God, I wish we could get your show up here! Talk about a blast! Get all my friends together, eat popcorn and watch your show! Do you still use the same theme music??

Thanks for the great memories!

Stephen Miller
Buffalo, NY

Sept 17th

Hey, I used to watch you guys all the time when I was little. I used to get so scared from your theme music. But the movies were great. You dont see horror movies like that anymore. When i found the website, it brought back alot of memories. Thanks for the nightsmares haha..

Keep up the good work
Traci O

Sept 14th

Dear Doc

I was present at the Naro Expanded Theater for your showing of Creature From The Black Lagoon. What a thrill it was to finally see this classic in all it's 3-D glory! I cannot wait to be present at more creature features! I have been a fan of yours since the late 70's. Now at 33 years young I still like to tune in and see what the Doc has to offer. I must give you kudos on one of past shows on SKY4. You aired Horror Express starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. One of my all time favorite horror films!! I was estatic to say the least! Please keep up the terrorrific work at the manor!!

Daniel Perry
CNC Programmer
Amadas Industries Inc.

Sept 4th


It was great to see you at the NARO last night for the Creature FBL. I have been watching you since the '70s when I had to sneak down to turn on the TV at 1 A.M. Last night I brought my wife and kids along and we had a great time. Thank you for signing a picture for my kids – they proudly showed it to their grandparents today! I am glad the show is coming back and just in time for Halloween!

I hope the NARO shows will continue – I would suggest any of William Castle’s films or the original Thing.

I’ll be tuning in in October,

Kevin Valliant

Sept 4th

Hey Doc,

Thanks for a great show on Friday the 3rd. It was a real treat seeing a vintage 3-D movie, particularly when that movie is one of my favorites. As per your request, I would love to see "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" on the big screen. Its a real hoot. The original Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein would also be nice. This is a great festival, and I hope it continues for a long time to come.

Steve Davis

Sept 1st

We recently vacationed at the Outer Banks and watched your show for the first time. Our childrens age 5 and 8 absolutely loved your show. I loved it because it reminded me of watching Chiller Theatre at my grandparents house in Pittsburgh many years ago.

We relocated to Richmond a few years ago but still to far for coverage and short of DirectTV, I was wondering if there are any DVDs or tapes available for purchase of the Madblood series?

Thanks and keep the genre alive.....

Richard Zilka

August 27th

I enjoyed the movie.I'm glad your show comes on Saturday nights now so that I can see it. I liked your show and the movies way back starting in the 1970's.
Steve Tisdale

April 25
Subject: Williamsburg Film Festival

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the interviews with the folks from the festival.  One of my favorite movies is War of the Worlds and it was really cool that Ann Robinson was interviewed.

March 29th

Loved the "Triffids". Of course, I am a botanist, so it appealed to my sense of humor :) ) Keep up the humor - love the show and finally there is something to watch on Saturday nights!

Joel Bunn
Williamsburg, VA

Joel: We are happy to provide a little alternative programming for you. Thanks for watching!

March 28th

enjoyed the show last nite and all the originals. do you remember shock theatre.

see ya


Fred: Shock Theatre is fondly remembered by many folks in this market, but it was already off the air when Executive Producer Jerry Harrell moved here in 1974. You’ll find a very nice tribute to Ronald and The Cool Ghoul in Elena Watson’s excellent book Television Horror Movie Hosts (1991, McFarland & Co) which is now available in paperback.

March 27th

thanks for having a show that my son and I can share. Good luck with the effort.

Dan Flye (with able assistance from my 8 year old son, John)
Virginia Beach, VA

Dan and John: Please keep watching and thanks for turning us on!

March 27th

Just wanted to say you are the best! You make a night at home worth much garbage on tv now-a-days. It's refreshing to kick back and enjoy television with a classic.....the movie...not you doc...wouldn't want to call you a classic.....could get


Rick: Don’t worry we’d never take being called a classic the wrong way.

March 24th

Dear Dr. Madblood,
My son and I were scanning the channels the other night and low and behold I saw you! I loved you when I was in high school and I couldn't believe my eyes there you were! My son just turned 13 a few days ago and he loved the show, just like I did. Where did the time go? It's just as funny as it ever was and just know I'll be watching every week. Keep the old movies coming, my son thought it was hilarious with all the high tech stuff these days how things were then. Then he laughed at our hair.... Take care!

Angela Weber

Angela: Thanks for finding us again. Don’t worry, someday somebody will laugh at HIS hair!

March 6th

Dear Dr. Madblood:

I am a long time Madblood fan. I actually saw the first episode. My wife is a relatively new fan we both enjoyed last weeks show, especially the flash backs.

I wonder if it would be possible to occasionally air the old shows in their entirety?

Keep up the great entertainment, and here's hoping that Dr. Madblood lives on at Madblood Mannor for a long long time.

Danny Mueller

February 28th



Danny and David: Many of our longtime fans have expressed delight at the airing of our vintage episodes. We’ve enjoyed seeing these classic clunkers as well and we will keep it up.

February 23rd

I am so bummed!! I am sitting here at my sister's house in Virginia Beach for a visit from my home in California looking over your website. She just informed me that you have started your show up once again on Saturday Nights and I CAN'T SEE IT!! There's no Madblood in CA!!

Doctor Madblood was a hugh part of my weekend fun during the 1970's and 80's, so much so that I applied and was accepted as member # 43 in the Merry Madblood Merthmakers in your first year! I was one of the few nutty kids that would stay up until 3:00am every Saturday Night to watch your show. I remember watching the first Madblood show when Saturday Night Live was only weeks old. I wish all my kids could watch the shows of old (and new) just to enjoy the MADness and humor of Dr. Madblood's Movies. They too could enjoy a 'kastinka of a moovee' like I did. I especially loved the credits at the end and the music choices played with them (like "Pencil Thin Mustache", surely Mr. Arlo helped pick them out!).

If there ever is an opportunity to see the old shows, they'd be great hits especially with your oldest of old fans. I support and will be watching for a DVD of the 'Best Of"!! In the mean time, I'll be looking to see if Directv will ever offer viewers the option to purchase local market tv shows. Thanks for all the memories.

Still a fan and member...
Roy Shields
Livermore California

Roy: It was great to hear from such a longtime fan. Sorry you live so far away, but keep us in your thoughts.

January 28th

Doctor Madblood,
I just found out about Dr. Madblood a few months ago and now eagerly await every week's show. Great website too. I'm really looking forward to February 7th and Madblood's return to Saturday nights. Keep up the great stuff!

Newport News

Thanks Tim, and welcome to the gang!

Great show!

You make Chilly Billy Cardilly proud.  We watch you every Friday.  Watched Chilly Billy every friday also before joining the Navy.  Now we have Dr. Madblood!  Thanks for entertaining the Goughnour Family.

The 'Greensburg, Pa. now Virginia Beach' Goughnour Family

Subject: new fan


i visit a friend quite often in newport news. i happened to catch your show last week, with horror express. i've seen it a few other times, just the alfred hitchcock presents.

anyway, this is like good ole local telvision. i'm from nw jersey, there used to be these shows on up here, old timey horror movies. but they have fallen off the planet here. This is just great local television, and quite frankly, you keep those excellent hitchcock shows alive--an important footnote in the director's ouvre and pretty darn fascinating in their own right. And good lord, i've heard about that horror express film but have never seen it, and never seen it in my video stores. Classic hammer (if it was a hammer). Anyway, i wish my friend could work her VCR so she could record your show for me. However, as our country becomes just a bland corporate ameoba blotting out uniqueness of different regions, your show was a breath of fresh air and i wish a similar concept would happen up here. Plus, you are breathing life into some vintage stuff by simply presenting it, presenting in a "traditional" way.

You are keeping something very important alive down there. and I just wanted to say i was impressed, and really appreciated the whole dang thing. Thanks for a marvelous evening


Who are you? What are you? Your show is yet absolutely infectious. I adore watching anything old, especially the Hitchcock shorts. Every Friday night, I light a tray of candles, crawl into bed, snuggle up with my cats and watch you go Frankenstein on us. I've been hooked for nearly a year now. I can't tell you how ever lovin' teed off I get when that stinking baseball preempts you!

Well, keep it up you strange, strange man. We love to watch you do your twisted stuff!

Happy Halloween and warmest regards,


I lived in Norfolk Va. about 23 years ago ( I used to visit my brother out there during the 80's when I would still see you on halloween.) I first watched your show on the summer of 1975 and became an instant fan) I have wished that I could have recorded your show to watch, over the years and play them back for my kids (they don't know what they missed.

When we moved from Virginia in 1980 after my father retired from the NAVY things were never the same. I would visit Virginia during the summer every now and again and stay out there to ketch your halloween specials (barely making it back home in time late to join school).

It is really great to see you are still doing the show (I wish i could see it.)

One of my fondest memories of the seventies was going to The haunted manson in Virginia beach and seeing you! We waited in line about 3 hours. But it was well worth it. Thanks for making us laugh. And making the sthinkers movies even better. I have often told my kids about you. And that Elvira never had nothing to compete with. You were the best!!!! You should have been in Hollywood so all the Adult, kids and families could have seen you. In those days, When Dr. MAdbloods MOvie was on WAVY-TV 10. It was the best days of my life. Thanks for being there!


Dr. Madblood,

Just wanted to say in an age of blood and gore on the screen, your show has reminded me of my youth when I got scared just from a good suggestion (even if the acting is sometimes more funny than scary). Fridays at 8pm usually finds most of the family huddled around your show, popcorn in hand and having a great time.

Any chance of Hammer films or old Karloff/Lugosi films in the near future? Keep up the great work.



Hey Guys

Thanks for the great web site and outstanding show. When I was a kid my grandmother used to talk to us about SHOCK theater it was on Friday nights very similar to your show. I love your show




Wow,madblood again! I lived in Elizabeth City for most of my life,so Madblood was on every FRIDAY NIGHT. My wife, who is 11 years younger, just doesn't understand "you watched this"? It wasn't just for the movies shown, but more for the crazy, funny, plain silly things you and the rest would do on the show. THANKS FOR MAKING THIS 44 year old man feel good when I hear green eyed lady play on friday nights.

By the way my sons Ryan 13 and Vance 11 were the ones who told me about a show called Dr. Madblood. I wish you could have seen their faces when I told them I watched it back in the 70's. Shame on me I didn't know you were back on the air,great kids,huh!

A mature fan,

Micheal Coates


 I have been a fan since the 70's!! Its like coming home and seeing old friends! my son and I were at Tower Mall one year and my son shouted look mama there's Madblood!! he was so excited he could not walk up to you'all and say hi he is 35 yrs old now and still regrets not walking over to you Madblood. He was and still is one of your biggest fan's. me too an old married woman with a cush on ya after all these years You and Dusty ya'll make the show. Stay sweet pls and God bless we out here in Portsmouth still love ya! I listen to Mike's radio show everyday. right now I am going to email my Son he is living in Washingon State now and send him your web site.Hope ya'll made it thru the hurricane safe and sound lots of Love old friends..

Gypsy Central out..(POP)

Hey folks,
Thanks for giving up your time and bringing us another season - keep up the great work and thanks for keeping me home with Judy (where I belong) on Friday nights !
If it works out, get Princess Lygia back for a show or two. I'm still hooked on her from the 70's.
Best of luck,

I just found your website, and WOW, I can't believe the memories that came back!

I cannot believe that it has been twenty-seven years or more since I used to watch your show. Back in 1976 I was a sleepy, ten year old, who loved to stay up late to watch your show. Of course, this was only when my parents would let me. Thankfully, I talked my Dad into watching one of your episodes with me, and he was hooked too!

The movies you had on your show, truly were "schtinkers" at times, but I loved watching the skits with you and the other characters. Between you and Mike Arlo, I think I laughed myself half to death.

Sadly, I had to move away from Va Beach about eighteen years ago. Anyway, thanks for letting me say "hi", and reminisce a little. I don't know if I can ever explain to my children how much fun your show was, but I will try. I am sure, if they ever got a chance to watch, they too would be hooked like my Father and I so many years ago!

Thanks again for the memories!

Msgt Mike Shelton

Dear Doctor,

I was just reminiscing with some buddies (via email), about being stationed together in Va Beach in the late 70's/early 80's (NAS Oceana). We started wondering about "that horror movie show and the host". I am simply amazed and proud of you and your cast that Dr Madblood is still around. What a hoot!

Casey Turner Louisville, KY

Dear Doctor,

I love your show, I have been a fan since way back when. I just recently found out that you were back on the the telly. I remember as a kid sneaking to stay up late on sat, night to watch, return of the werewolf and the mummies curse and the bigfoot movies and being scared out of my mind. Keep up the good work and I will see you Friday nights.

Sherin Flythe

Dr. M,

When are we going to get some of the good ole scary movies like Dracula, the mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc... I am tired of Hitchcock movies.


Troy Saunders

PS - Have loved the Madblood series for almost 30 years now! Great to see you back.

(Troy: If we could get the rights to those classics, we'd certainly be showing them! I miss them too. But you will have to tune to American Movie Classics on cable for those titles.)

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to thank all of you for putting on such a great show every Friday evening. I look forward to watching the show all week, every week! Thanks for making such a fun program. Keep up the good work!

One of your fans,


I just want to say that I have been watching ya'll since its beginning. Thank you all for a lot of memories. You guys make Friday nites worth staying in for.


When I moved my family to Va.Beach in 82, my son and daughter (13 & 8 at the time) loved your late nite show. Now, 20 years later my son and daughter enjoy your reincarnated show just as much, but my wife and I who did not know of the show back then enjoy it as much if not more than they do now.

Keep up the good work!

Lee Wilsher

Too All,

I would like to be eloquent and meaningful but I'll just say I am very happy that you are back on the air. I have enjoyed your show from the 1 A.M. spot on Wavy TV 10 in the 70's to the Saturday afternoon spot to the Channel 15 days. I like the new setup with Hitchcock and Thriller and I am happy to report that my kids like it too.

Glad to have you back,

Kevin Valliant

Hello Doc,

My daughter Alicia and myself, Rob, are very huge fans of yours.....I was telling her how I used to watch your show a long time ago; to her anyway, Alicia is 10; and how great it is to have you back on the air! Forever we hope.

Rob and Alicia Granozio

Hello, I just discovered your show a couple of months ago and just love it! You guys have the greatest sense of humor!!

I had a question about that Madblood Manor. Is that a real house located somewhere around Hampton Roads? That is some mansion - it's magnificent!!!

Cathy Corbett

(Cathy: The 'real' Madblood Manor is located on the corner of Court and North Streets in Portsmouth.)

Link to Portsmouth Attractions page (scroll down to "Olde Towne Walking Tour," see downloadable map to find Court and North Streets)

May 31, 2003

Dear Dr. Madblood,

Your show freaks me out! In a good way. I love it SO much! Next time you do a scary thriller, please put vampires in it. Tonight I think your new Chactor Ozzie Osbong is funny. I love it so much, I make my dog & Hamster watch it. In the car, I was crying becuse I missed 5 min. of your show! Let's become pen pals. Write me back whenever you want.

Your #1 fan,
Bri Bri Simone Costa

Dear Bri Bri:

Don't cry! There's plenty more shows coming up. We might be off some weeks this summer because of baseball games that will be on Friday nights. But I'll keep my eye out for shows that have vampires in them. My pal, Count Lacudra will help me look. Keep in touch and write again whenever you want. Take care and keep watching!

Your friend,


October 2002


Dr. Madblood....

Hello and welcome back! I watched the show on WSKY on Friday 10/4/02 and I enjoyed it very much. I think the idea of having the Hitchcock mysteries is super. I had never seen the one with Shatner. Great stuff. You know, you could show almost any type of horror-sci-fi or mystery movie. Since it is a "Dr. Madblood" movie after all! The piece on the Blood Feud was a good public interest nod. Will they still have Sci-Con? More Patience, please!

Best - Gordo

Gordon Scott Manley

Gordo: Thanks for watching and getting in touch. The idea for teaming Hitchcock, Karloff and Madblood seems to be a good one and we thank Glenn Holterhaus at SKY4 for bringing the show to Friday nights in prime time. Quite a big step after being around for twenty seven years! We really have had a good time finding all those little performances from famous folks before some of them were household names. We also certainly enjoy supporting the local Fantasy and Sci-fi groups at their cons whenever we can. We usually don't have much to do with organizing them, so you can probably find out more about them on the Internet or at your local comic book/fantasy/gaming stores. We'll try to post the info on our site when we find out what's going on. And, yes, we are happy when Nurse Patience joins us. She certainly brightens up the lab and keeps the monsters in line.



November 2002

Dear Dr. Madblood,

Welcome back. I used to watch your show, when you were on in the 1970s. You used to be on Saturday nights. Then they put you back on about one or two in the morning. You used to show different movies. I always loved you and your show. I'm glad to see you back on and at an earlier hour. I used to see (you) on a commercial years ago.

Sincerely Yours

Clare Humphries

Dear Clare: Thanks for remembering those days gone by. It's good to still be on the air after all this time. And it doesn't hurt at all to be seen at the earlier time. So we're not just on when our most loyal late night fans can find us, but now we are picking up a whole new bunch of viewers. Keep on watching!



January 2003

Dear Dr. Madblood

I am looking for the Alfred Hitchcock episode, where he says "I trust that everyone is enjoying the music, this was meant for your pleasure." I've been watching your Friday shows on SKY4.


Mike Hatfield

Dear Mike: Unfortunately, we don't have the episodes indexed with info about the Hitchcock introductions. That would be helpful, since some of those bits are as much fun as the rest of the shows. We'll keep an eye out for that bit, but. If we come across it, it'll probably happen by accident, but it'll turn up one of these days. We'll let you know. Thanks for getting in touch and keep tuning us in!


February 2003

Hi Doctor Madblood,

It is great to see you and Brain back on the air, gives me something to look forward to, which should tell how exciting my single life is.

I keep looking for one Alfred Hitchcock episode that scared my sister and I to tears. I cannot remember the name of it, but it was about this rich man who fell in love with his housekeeper. They plotted to kill his wife. Of course they did, but then little by little her image began to appear on the wall. It was a creepy episode.

Well keep up the cheesy comedy, and I'll see you on the air.


Connie Brantley

Dear Connie: It's really great being seen. Brain says "hey!" (Actually Brain says a lot of things we try not to pay attention to, so we'll just leave it at "hey!") We'll keep an eye out for that episode and let you know when it turns up. Thanks for watching and writing to us. We appreciate it.


March 2003

Dear Dr. Madblood:

I am a 52 year old who has been a fan of yours since you first started. My family was originally from Jackson County Tennessee which is located about half way in between Knoxville and Nashville. It is just a few miles from Cookeville (Cumberland Mountain region).

My family moved to Hampton, Va. in May of 1959 and I have been a fan of every horror movie show that has ever been shown in Tidewater Va. (the original Shock Theatre, Creature Feature, your show, Chamber Theater, etc.), the one exception being the second Shock Theatre. Those disc jockeys from Z104, what a couple of boring knuckleheads!

My father was the chief engineer at the Hampton Veterans Hospital and I was raised on the grounds of the hospital. Our house was once a Treasury building and my bedroom closet was a bank vault! In order to get into the closet, I had to open a heavy steel door!

One reason for writing this letter is to ask you if you are going to show one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock episodes. I can't remember the title, but I can give you a description. The episode starred Jack (Cassidy) ... and Hazel Court. Jack's character has a young son and a girlfriend (Court). When the girlfriend receives a marriage offer from her elderly boss, Jack encourages her to marry him. "After all, he can't live much longer and you will inherit his fortune!" However, to Jack's dismay, the boss continues to live for a long time...!

Finally, I would like to thank you for all the years of fun and entertainment. I hope to continue to see you and the other cast members for many years to come.

Sincerely yours,

Richard A. Mansell
Newport News

Dear Richard: Thanks for staying with us all these years. Wow, a bank vault in your bedroom?! Gives me some ideas about a new room for my cantankerous Brain... or a bedroom for the monsters. Their snoring gets really loud sometimes. I found the Hitchcock episode you requested, since you were able to remember the actors in it. That was most helpful. It was called "The Pearl Necklace." Besides the lovely Jack and Hazel, it featured Ernest Truex as the old rich guy. (He was the old peddler in the "What You Need" episode of Twilight Zone.) You also asked about us doing bits with Kid Exorcist in them. Kid makes an appearance on the April 11, 2003 Frights in "Cloning Raoul." We have new shows coming up soon and hope to be returning with more foolishness next year.

Thanks for turning us on.



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