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Certainly the most famous place in Pungo is Madblood Manor where the good doctor can be found conjuring up his next adventure. Not far from the gurgling reaches of the Great Dismal Swamp somewhere within the deep recesses of Virginia Beach's lost lagoons sits this turn-of-the-century tribute to paradise lost, now with its stately facade from another place in time crumbling from the nearby swamp's murky, bubbling presence. This is a place where noisy scientific experiments and glass-shattering explosions from inside the house are usually followed with maniacal laughter. Who knows what's hiding in the bushes outside.


What's bubbling out there is hard to say---but it's reasonable to assume there is something living beneath the surface. It's hard to tell if that's where Madblood's monsters came from before he began his experiments on them. Madblood is not one for hipwading through swampland, so he's rarely out there. That's where the monsters come in handy. The swamp is also pretty creepy---replete with its bleating frog population and single stray wolf howling at a perfect moon.


This is where Doctor Madblood keeps his monsters. Perhaps its down there that these unearthly sounds of the bizarre originate---as if some out-of-control Madblood invention were powering the Mansion with some otherworldly energy. We've met Ernie and Waldo several times. No wonder the doctor keeps them down there. But then they seem absolutely content. Actually, whatever else is down there seems to keep those two pretty occupied most of the time. And we know there's more of them down there...