So we're going to publish the Madblood archives for those of you who like to follow the strange goings-on that have put Pungo on the map.

A Report by Doctor Madblood

Well Rob Floyd and his troops did it again. October 14, 2006 will go down as a day in horror host history. At Rob and his gang's third annual Monster Fest, which was once again held at the Chesapeake Public Library, veteran horror hosts like The Bowman Body, Count Gore DeVol, and yours truly sat down to a panel discussion with the new generation of hosts like Penny Dreadful, Dr. Sarcofiguy, and Karlos Borloff.

I am happy to report we will be showing you some of the best moments from that panel in our special Monster Fest program, which airs on Saturday November 11th. Monster Fest is a fan favorite because it is an informal gathering put on by people who really love and respect the genre.

In addition to the horror host panel discussion, there was a great presentation on the legendary Forrest J. Ackerman from Debra Painter and Paul Knight, a delightful hour-long salute to 8-mm movies (for many of us the beginning of this obsession of ours) by our own Craig T. Adams, who brought some of his own gems to share (and narrate!). There was also a costume contest and a host of dealers, artists, and authors offering all kinds of fun and freaky stuff.

Craig T. and Debra Burrell also hosted the fan-table gift shop, which allowed Carter Perry and Rachel C. Hunter to videotape the television episode. One of the highlights for us was getting to introduce our Webmaster Gary Eckstein to Count Gore DeVol, who credits Gary with his move (and resurrection) into cyberspace.

It was also a real treat to sit down and catch up with my dear old friend Bill Bowman, AKA The Bowman Body, who traded appearances on the Madblood show when we first started in 1975. At that time, his show was the hot late-night ticket in the Richmond market, and he came on our show to wish us good luck in our new venture. The Body was a special favorite of the panel audience, and he seemed genuinely touched and delighted with the reception.

It was a grand day, and one we will long remember. I hope you'll tune in on Saturday November 11th and see for yourself.

Rachel C. Hunter videotaping
the Doc at MonsterFest

Count Gore, Penny Dreadful, and the Doc listen as The Bowman Body explains how a funeral once followed his hearse home

Doc is a guest on Count Gore De Vol's webshow

Doctors Madblood


Rachel C. Hunter videotaping
the Doc at MonsterFest

Count Gore De Vol

Monster Fest III poster

Penny Dreadful

Download the Original Full-Sized Camera JPEG of the group photo above (1 MB)

Visit MySpace Monster Fest site


Count Vladimer Lacudra was the first character that Mike Arlo played on Doctor Madblood. It happened way back in the summer of 1976, in the first year the show was on the air. (Mike details what that first appearance was like on the video podcast of the Doctor Madblood 4th Anniversary Special.)

Mike has always brought a special dignity and madness to our beloved vampire, and the Count has been a main character on the show from the beginning, sharing a host of adventures, from the wild canoe ride in The Coffin Caper in season five, to the near fatal mishaps in Down For the Count this past season. Our 1984 Halloween special, Doctor Madblood?s Halloween Howl, opened with an elaborate sequence of the Count being reduced to ashes, and then spent the entire episode trying to restore him.

The photo is of Count Lacudra and Doctor Madblood (although in my iPhoto library, its name is Mike and Jerry). This was taken at a Haunted Hayride a few Halloweens back, and shows a couple of old pals, still enjoying the game. JH


Count Gore DeVol interviews Dr. Madblood!

On October 14, 2006, Chesapeake Central Library hosted MonsterFest, where there was an amazing gathering of local horror hosts. If you saw the show on November 11, you saw some of the highlights. Now check out two living legends of horror at the Count's excellent Creature Feature website!

Dr. Madblood interviews Count Gore DeVol!

Turnabout is fair play as Doctor Madblood takes his turn at interviewing the legendary Washington, D.C. Vampire host, Count Gore De Vol at Monsterfest. Click the icon screen below to see the Flash Video version right here or go download the iPod video version over on the Stuff page!

Doctor Madblood and his Gang visited the Virginia Air and Space Museum in Hampton on Saturday evening, October 28th for their annual Halloween Bash and you can see all the festivities at our Air and Space Photo Gallery or click below to see the video!


Doctor Madblood performed his magic, Fuzz and Stuffing Puppets performed their magic, Lynn Ruehlmann told her ghost stories by the water, and the Hermitage offered some pretty spooky tours - made possible in part through sponsorships by the City of Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities and Channel 4 Hampton Roads, WSKY TV. See all the festivities at our All Hallows Eve Photo Gallery!



Following the successful response to the first radio drama, "The Halloween Goblin," plans were made to do a second program. It was decided to make this an Audio Shadow adventure, with Doctor Madblood playing a minor role. With influences ranging from The Firesign Theatre to Bob and Ray, Jerry Harrell wrote the script for The Turkey Caper, and the Madblood gang again provided the voices. Jim Stanley worked his aural magic and The Turkey Caper premiered on WNOR-AM radio just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Still available on the Stuff page!

Also available on the Stuff page: "The Halloween Goblin" - Originally produced for radio in 1978 by morning drive announcer Jim Stanley, top on-air personality at WNOR in Norfolk, Virginia, Doctor Madblood was transformed into aural theater with every bit of the visual humor intact. Special introduction by Doctor Madblood.


SPARKS Behind The Scenes on "Pirate Grrrls"
by Jerry Harrell

The first spark for "Pirate Grrrls" came from Craig T., during an appearance at the Naro Expanded Cinema in September. The Madblood Film Festival was showing Disney's epic "20000 Leagues Under the Sea" and so Craig came dressed appropriately as always, introducing himself to the audience as "Lamebeard the Pirate." Watching him perform, I knew I wanted to work that character into an upcoming episode.

Then the spark for the "Pirate Grrrls" story came the following weekend, during my visit to a favorite old haunt, Teach's Hole, the pirate museum and gift shop just down the road from Howard's Pub on Ocracoke Island. It was there I found a book called "The Pirate Queens," which told the stories of Anne Bonny and Mary Reid.

The gang had so much fun last year with our tale "Pirate Envy" that I got to work on a new adventure. Several members of the cast and crew, including Carter Perry and Ken Johnson, are pirate trekkies, so I felt we'd have no problems with costumes and props.

Casting was easy. I knew our friend Shellee Casiello would be the perfect Pirate Queen. And tasking the pretty young actresses (Lori White, Joy Riach, and Lauren Sundarajan) who play our student witches to dress up like pirates provided some great results too, as you can see. All that remained was to have lovely Jewell Willis become Sybil to once again save the day, with some expert swordplay by Carter Perry as Ernie K. Monster (!)

On the evening we taped the episode, Craig T. raided his giant prop warehouse (which we respectfully refer to as The Craigsonian) and brought a wealth of pirate gear for the girls to choose from. Shellee's son Jonathan kindly let his mom bring along some of his Pirates of the Caribbean costume, Ken Johnson offered up stuff from his own stash, and we were off.

A small side note: while doing research for this episode, I came across a recent album of pirate music called Rogue's Gallery that was assembled by Johnny Depp, who enlisted his friends Sting, Bono, Nick Cave and others to sing pirate ballads and sea chanteys. There is even a song by a hero of mine, magician/historian/actor Ricky Jay. You can find it on iTunes.

The final spark for this episode was struck during Monster Fest, when I met Brian and Marie Bridgeforth, two amazing young artists who had a booth at the show. In a set of Brian's drawings "Bridgeforth's Monsters," I found several pirate images that fit perfectly with what we were doing. Check out his remarkable work at

The post-production on this episode was a bit daunting, putting my little Powerbook into overdrive. CGI effects by Daniel C. Harrell. We hope you enjoy the results, when "Pirate Grrls" airs on Doctor Madblood Presents on Saturday, November 18th . at 8:00 p.m. on WSKY-TV 4.

Download the full size poster of Pirate Grrrrls

Award of the State!

On Tuesday, June 20, 2006, Doctor Madblood's "Third Banana," Craig T. Adams, was presented with the highest honor given by the American Lung Association of Virginia. Adams received the Douglas Southall Freeman Award, bestowed annually to a person deemed "to have made extraordinary contributions to the cure and control of lung disease within Virginia." The award was made at the organization's annual board of director's meeting immediately after Adams performed his "Clear The Air" secondhand smoke awareness puppet show for the board and an audience of invited youngsters, including his wife, Debra A. Burrell. Adams and his Fuzz and Stuffing Puppets have toured the program for eleven years. The program and award presentation got some nice coverage on Richmond Channel 12's News and there will be a story coming soon in Style Weekly Magazine.

And for those who cannot pick up a copy of Style Weekly Magazine . . . . read the article here!

And be sure to check out this story: Puppeteer sides with dragons to educate about smoking

Notes on Sarah Karloff:
(Speaking at the Williamsburg Library Theatre on March 24th)

The lady was charming and gracious and funny.  This visit was a lot more fun than the previous time we saw her, which was for a science opening at the Virginia Air & Space Center a few years ago.  She gave her prepared speech well, and showed home movies.  Next, the Williamsburg Library arranged an interview in the style of “The Actor’s Studio.”  She also took questions from the audience. 

All the attention was focused on her father, but she did speak with some of her roles – in her father’s recognition.  She talked about how she went her first convention years ago.  It was a “Famous Monsters of Film Land” con.  She, Bela Lugosi Jr, and Lon Chaney’s son were all invited, and accepted the invitations out of curiosity.  At one point, someone asked if she’d been to the dealers’ room.  She thought they were playing poker!  Well, after she saw the dealers selling videos, posters, one sheets (which she thought went on beds) and photos of her and her father, she thought she should be doing this too – and now, instead of not knowing about dealers, “I are  one.” 

She spoke with pride about her role in getting the USPS to issue stamps with her father’s image on them.  According to the stamp collectors she’s heard from, only US Presidents and her father have been on as many as 3 stamps.  She talked about the honor of having Madame Tussaud’s doing two wax portraits of her father – and about the detailed questions they asked.  (“How many inches from the end of the sleeve to his wrist joint?”  “Did the fly on his pants have 1 button or two?”)

Her home movies featured the only known color footage of her father in the Monster makeup, taken by her mother.  They also featured some of the animals her parents had—dogs (as many as 22!), even a cow, a pig, and a few cats – all within Beverly Hills. 

Mr. Adams & I didn’t get a book – they were all sold out by the time we got in line.  She did agree to a photo, though.  Look for it on the Madblood website as a “Snapshot of the Week” soon. 

It was a lovely and enjoyable evening.  Well worth the drive, even through the  I-64 “Deathstar Trench,” which is how we refer to the construction around Mercury Blvd.  And we’re planning another, to see the Frankenstein exhibit at the Swem Library at William & Mary.

To view Sara Karloff’s website, go to  She gets 150-200 e-mails every day and reads them all!  PLUS, she had the best “little black suit” I have ever seen in my life.  I want one!

Onward! Into the Fog!


Visit William and Mary's Swem Library Frankenstein Exhibit Webpage

Doctor Madblood's 30th Anniversary Countdown Widget for Mac OSX 10.4!

Just in time for counting down the days until Doctor Madblood's 30th Anniversary Celebration on October 29th at 8 p.m. on WSKY-TV. A new addition to the Mac OS in 10.4 is the dashboard widget technology that makes it possible for Mac users to download and install useful 'widgets' (short for 'jimmy widget,' we're sure) on their new OSX 'dashboard' in order to keep tabs on important dates, computer functions, world news, exotic recipes - you name it. Mac users with OSX 10.4 can just download the Doctor Madblood Countdown Widget and their Safari browser will know what to do with it. Apparently some non-Safari browsers make you have to manually move the unzipped widget into your Widgets folder.

Here's a screen shot of Doctor Madblood's 30th Anniversary Countdown Widget on the Apple website. Thanks to Apple for turning us on!

Regular visitors to this extraordinary website know we run a contest. We ask trivia questions about the show, and hope that people will send in their answers. From those who send in answers, we pick a winner (or winners, if we have more than one prize) from the correct answers. We ask that people send their names, snail mail addresses (if we're mailing out the prize), and that contestants be over the age of 12. It's a fine point, but we don't want to get in trouble the way Soupy Sales did years ago (or didn't -- look it up on So we have asked people to send in their ages, and more recently, we just asked that they swear, affirm and aver that they are over the age of 12. Sometimes we get the best and most creative answers to this question. We'll quote quite a few of them, with special thanks to Chris, David, D'Anne, Iesha, Lorrie, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Jeanette, Kevin, Ron, and William. We're not identifying who goes with which quote, because some requested their ages not be published, and almost all were reticent:

  • Age: why must you insist on this cruelty... lets just say I can remember when Kennedy was President.
  • 46 years young. (Long time viewer-started at 44 years young.)
  • I'm very well preserved for my advanced years. LOL
  • From a frequent entrant: Age - on file
  • 29ish
  • Age - Plenty nine
  • Age-- 21+ + +
  • Age - Old enough to know not to give a number. (But 29 works so well I've used it a long time. Even the grandkids are snookered)
  • My age: 45 (just got in under the wire on that one!)
  • 40 if you must know
  • Age: 34-this won't be published will it?
  • 30 years Experience!!!
  • Age: way too old (49)
  • My name is XXX and I am more than old enough for your contest. (33).
  • Age - Geriatric or is it Jurassic?
  • 32 years and still going (on and on and on and on and...)
  • House has been declared an historic site
  • I'm very well preserved for my advanced years. LOL
  • I'm too old (44)
  • I am significantly over 12
  • Still well over 12 years of ancient
  • Age - still old

When we felt the need to verify one winner's age, we got this response: lol yes im way over 12 im 38
And he gave us a date. He just types the way the kids do, I guess!

And then we get into the esoteric: Age: I've seen my Chinese Zodiac sign 3 times

And some with information about their lives: 35 year old sailor with nothing better to do than watch classic sci-fi and horror at local theaters and libraries (not that there's anything wrong with that). Nothing at all!

Using other people to verify what you say: Both my kids are over 12. And the most exhaustive word comes from a frequent contributor to the contest page who says:

I swear, affirm, assure, admit, guarantee, confirm, maintain, attest, profess, contend, declare, testify, verify, substantiate, vouch, avow, and verily aver I am greater than 12 years of age and will remain so for the rest of my life.


Snapshot of the Week

A chance meeting in the hallway at the Holiday Inn Patriot during the Williamsburg Film Festival turned into a chatfest with Dick Dyszel, a.k.a. Count Gore De Vol. Mr. Dyszel was arriving to take part in a Solar Guard screening and noticed my Madblood T-shirt. Ms. Burrell saw his name on his ID tag and the rest was history. It was like spending 45 minutes catching up with an old friend. This photo was snapped right after Count Space Ranger bit Debra on the neck. She hasn't been quite the same since....


Pictures from Monsterfest

Monsterfest, recently held at the Chesapeake Public Library, was quite a success in drawing a large crowd of Doctor Madblood fans. Bill Davidson, our staunch number one cameraman, attended and captured some shots of the excitement:

"Dr. Madblood Presents" Film Series Live at the NARO

On Friday October 15 and Saturday October 16, 2004, at 11:30 p.m., Doctor Madblood presented the one and only "Plan 9 From Outer Space" at the NARO Expanded Cinema. The legendary horror film host traveled from his Pungo laboratory to introduce the legendary "Golden Turkey Award" winner, designated as the worst movie ever made. This classic clunker, penned and directed by schlock legend Edward D. Wood, stars Bela Lugosi in a posthumous performance, along with Maila "Vampira" Nurmi and wrestler-turned-zombie-actor Tor Johnson.
In addition to his Saturday night television antics on WSKY-TV, SKY4 (8:00 p.m. weekly), Doctor Madblood periodically appears live and in person, introducing landmark films of fantasy, horror and science fiction at the NARO Expanded Cinema's Late Shows. The special "Madblood Presents" film series began this summer with screenings of "The Dark Side of Oz," the director's cut of the original "Exorcist" and "Creature From The Black Lagoon" in 3-D. It also gives new and longtime fans a chance to say hello to Dr. Madblood in person.
The NARO Expanded Cinema (1507 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, 23517) hopes to continue the series monthly with films like the original Japanese version of the 1954 "Godzilla." Movies in the series will usually bear a "Doctor Madblood Presents" logo in the NARO schedule. Check  or call 757-625-6276 for NARO schedule information and updates.

Download Original Poster!


Once again, Doctor Madblood (Jerry F. Harrell) saw his hopes for a quiet season premiere dashed, as a heretofore overlooked denizen of the monster basement escaping to wreak havoc on the long-suffering burg of Pungo. Big Game Hunters, Sir Guy (Mike Arlo) and Herr Otto (Craig T. Adams) arrived to dispatch... er, capture... the creature. Nurse Patience Dream (Penny Marcialis) assisted in crowd control as an array of angry neighbors, animal rights activists and disrobed off-camera supermodels converged on Madblood Manor. Looked like Ernie Monster picked the wrong week to be out of town....

Special Appearances were made by Geoff Kennedy, Debra Burrell, Chi Pucher and the dulcet tones of Bernie Melton. And also introducing Buzzy Mainspring as "The Gnarly Beast"

The Sneak Peek


The Creature From The Black Lagoon is considered by many to be the most effective film ever made in 3-D, because of the underwater sequences with the Gill Man. Doctor Madblood's Cult Classic Film Festival will present The Creature From The Black Lagoon in 3-D on the Naro Expanded Cinema screen throughout the Labor Day Holiday, with both matinees and lateshows scheduled. The Doctor himself will introduce the film on Friday and Saturday evening at 11:30.

Original Poster!


The Make-A-Wish Foundation has reported that the July 29th appearance by Doctor Madblood and his uncle Felonious at the Coldstone Creamery location on 21st Street in Norfolk raised more than $8,000 for the charity. All of the money raised at this event will go to the local chapter of Make-A-Wish to aid in the important work they are doing.


Our old friends at the legendary Naro Cinema have launched "Doctor Madblood Presents," a cult film series bringing favorite movies to the Naro's big screen. The series begins this Friday through Sunday nights with The Dark Side of Oz, the new cult classic that marries The Wizard of Oz with the soundtrack to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

On Friday and Saturday August 13th and 14th, the Doctor will host late show presentations of The Exorcist, The Director's Cut. What better way to spend Friday the 13th than watching what many consider the most frightening film ever made on the Naro's big screen, complete with extra footage and an introduction by Doctor Madblood.

And be sure to mark your calenders for Labor Day Weekend when Doctor Madblood Presents the best of the 50's 3-D features, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, complete with the 3-D glasses.

Check the Naro website ( for details and showtimes. And be sure to pick up a copy of the current Naro circular. It is certain to become a collectable! See you at the movies!

Help get the word out!  Download a free 8.5” x 11” Black & White flier that you can print out and sneak onto your local grocery store bulletin board, telephone pole, employee notice wall, etc.


Fantasy and science fiction fans turned out in force on Saturday July 24th for Fantasci 3, held at the Chesapeake Central Library. Jim Blanton and his team again staged a terrific day of fun and activites. Joining Doctor Madblood and Waldo T. Monster at the event were show producers Craig T. Adams and Carter Perry. Craig will have a more complete report here soon.

(Photo: The doc and Waldo congratulate organizer Jim Blanton on the launch of another great Fantasci event.)


Fantasy and science fiction fans turned out in force on Saturday July 24, 2004, for Fantasci 3, held at the Chesapeake Central Library. Jim Blanton and his team again staged a terrific day of fun and activities. First thing in the morning, Doctor Madblood and Waldo T. Monster staged a few scenes with the folks who came early and with some of the display personnel and vendors. Show producer/director Carter Perry lingered for additional shots as folks set up. That footage will, no doubt, turn up on the Madblood show at Halloween, if not sooner.
There were displays and demos by Shire Dunvegan, Great Bridge Anime, the USS Jamestown, Star Wars enthusiasts, Babylon Fivers, Stargaters and Batleth Slingers. I strolled about, getting in trouble at the vendor tables. >From Michael Weldon of Psychotronic Video Magazine, I bought one of the last signed copies of the Psychotronic Video Guides that he had with him. There were also some b&w stills, used DVDs of "Shriek of the Mutilated" and "The Manster" and a VHS copy of "Frankenstein 1970" that just *had* to come home with me. Oy....
Weldon then hosted a monster music panel that was great. Old clips from rockers on the tube. The Byrds playing "Mister Space Man." Ozzy and Black Sabbath doing "Iron Man," when Ozzy still had an active brain cell or two. There was a great clip from the Shindig show. I remember seeing it on its original air in the 60s. Boris Karloff sat in a big comfy chair with go-go dancers behind him. He recited "The Peppermint Twist"... perfectly, with all the "bop-pa-bop-pas" right on the money. In a later clip from the same show, Ted "Lurch" Cassidy showed up in human form, looking quite dapper in his mod suit and skinny tie (I remember Mom making numerous comments about how fetching she thought he looked all spiffied up!) Unlike that other dead-pan 60s icon, Leonard "Spock" Nimoy, Ted actually looked *good* when he smiled. Punk, Goth and Heavy Metal appeared on TV in their Pop infancy.There were other fuzzy video rarities, like a 1963 snippet of Screamin' Lord Sutch singing a "Jack the Ripper" song. Remember him? Remember forgetting him? It was a major hoot.
There was a Costume Contest. Regal Cinemas had free posters. Twin Roses Designs had some beautiful costumes. Babylon the Fifth's David Hawk conducted a "What Would Captain Kirk Do?" workshop. What would Captain Kirk do about our current political situation? It was decided that he would have sex with all the candidates' wives and thus convince them to make their husbands do the right thing.... 
Continuity Goddess Debra Burrell joined me and we caught an unscheduled additional screening of "Saving Star Wars," a film by former local, Gary L. Wood of Woodworks Films ( It was very low budget (we know about low budget, don't we?) , but well done and notably guest starring David "Inside Darth Vader" Prowse. It was sweet and charming and funny. It does for "Star Wars" what "Trekkies" did for "Star Trek." 
Authors Tee Morris (Morevi: the Chronicles of Rafe & Askana, (, Tony Ruggiero (Mind Trap, and Michael Sean McGowen (Pawns) were on hand, selling and signing books. Tee and Tony helmed panels on Myths and Religion and on Vampires respectively. Debra and I took their joint hour-long Fantasy Writing Workshop. Afterward, I was chatting with Tee Morris and identified myself as one of the Madblood Gang. He regretted not getting a chance to talk to the Doc earlier in the day. He explained that, long ago, he was one of those kids who lived in Richmond, who used to stay up to all hours on Saturday nights. If he adjusted the rabbit ears on the TV just right, during optimal weather conditions, he could watch the Madblood show. How many times have we heard that over the years? He sent his regards and congratulations for Doctor Madblood's longevity.
It was a fine event. I'm glad I was able to spend the day in Chesapeake.


Dr. Madblood Returns Home to Saturday Nights, Starting February 7 at 8 PM on WSKY-4!

Home is where the heart is... and where the Brain is... and, if you happen to be Dr. Max Madblood, it's also where you keep an assortment of misfit monsters, a wisecracking nurse sidekick, not to mention a troop of deranged drop-in neighbors and an ethermorphic receiver to tune in classic movies. Since 1975, Dr. Madblood has found himself camped out at many locations on weekend television, but Saturday Night has always been his home of choice. On Saturday February 7, 2004, from 8-11pm, Madblood and his merry band return to Saturday Nights on WSKY-TV.

When the Madblood gang took up residence at SKY4 in 2002 presenting the Friday Night Frights, it was a match made in Pungo. The show found a new audience for vintage episodes of TV suspense from Hitchcock Presents and Karloff's Thriller, along with films of horror and science fiction, all hosted by the venerable mad scientist Madblood. At it's new Saturday address, Dr. Madblood Presents will feature films shown in their entirety, punctuated with the doctor's familiar brand of home-stitched humor. There will be other surprises as well.

As always, joining Max Madblood (Jerry F. Harrell) will be the likes of Count Lacudra (Mike Arlo), Nurse Patience Dream (Penny Marcialis), Brain (Craig T. Adams) and Ernie K. Monster (Carter Perry). Together with some notable guests and neighbors, the Madblood gang will continue to present their own off-center spoofs and twisted tales to complement a lineup of film classics and the occasional notorious cinematic clunkers. It's business as usual at Madblood Manor as Dr. Madblood Presents premieres at 8pm Saturday February 7, following the X Files.

After all these years, the doctor is still "in."


Veteran horror movie host Doctor Madblood celebrated his 28th Anniversary with a Halloween special edition of The Friday Night Frights this past Friday October 31st on WSKY-TV4. The special was videotaped at the Virginia Air and Space Center in Hampton the Saturday before during the Center's 12th annual Halloween Bash.

The holiday special featured a presentation of William Castle's "House on Haunted Hill" starring Vincent Price. The mad doctor from Pungo and his gang visited the Air and Space Center's haunted house and other special events including the costume contest.

Strictly not for the faint of heart is the Doctor Madblood "SHOTS" page, which contains a shocking collection of frightening photos from over the past twenty-eight years.


Military and civilian families from all over Hampton Roads enjoyed a weekend of fun at the Navy Amphib Base November 1st and 2nd. Included in the free activites were a major car show, pony rides, face painting, games, clowns, music, and a certain mad scientist from Pungo who signed autographs and performed magic for the crowds, both close-up and on the event stage. .



On Saturday October 25th, the Virginia Air and Space Center in Hampton is having their 12th annual Halloween Bash from 4 - 7 pm. The Madblood Gang will be there to videotape their Halloween special, which airs on October 31st. Come out and meet the cast, and maybe be on the Halloween Special!

Click to Super-Size
Virginia Air and Space Center


Madblood Executive Producer Jerry Harrell appeared on Tony Macrini's morning program on WNIS Radio 790 on September 3rd to announce the return of Doctor Madblood's Movies. Films will be added to the line-up of The Friday Night Frights beginning with the Season Two premiere on September 26th, when the doctor will show Horror Express, starring Peter Cushing, Christoper Lee and Telly Savalas.

Harrell chatted with fans who called the station and he explained that each weeks' program would begin with either a pair of classic Alfred Hitchcock episodes or a Boris Karloff Thriller, and be followed by a feature film. He explained the move was a response to viewers requests for a return of the classic horror films and the "ker-stinkers" that have been a staple of the Madblood program since its premiere in 1975.

Macrini talked about his arrival in Tidewater in 1976 and remembered the Madblood show was the first program he saw on the air here. Several callers also related their long time viewership of the show. Harrell promised a mixture of horror and science-fiction titles, both good and bad, would appear in the second season of The Friday Night Frights.

Click to Super-Size
Click to Super-Size

The Official Madblood Movies Press Release

Stay tuned. More news as it becomes less available.