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Queen Mumenkara, Doctor Madblood and Count Lacudra in the WAVY-TV days
Doctor Madblood's premier director, Steve Abramson wolfing down barbequed chicken at a WAVY-TV picnic

"A shot of Jerry (Harrell) before he grew into Madblood. These were the days when he had to actually force himself to look like a wacky mad scientist. Now, he is." - Jim Stanley

Susie Weston, Jim Stanley, Mike Arlo (WNOR/Madblood radio dramas 1978-79)
Jim Stanley as "The Audio Shadow"  
...and Jerry Mathers as "The Beaver" (WNOR/Madblood radio dramas 1978-79)
Joe "The Voice" Penque (WNOR/Madblood radio dramas 1978-79)
Susie Weston plays Velma Von Basketcase, Tiffany, and others (WNOR/Madblood radio dramas 1978-79)
Original Madblood Manor artwork used in a table-top animation opening using a pre-Civil War Bolex camera, model railroad trees, and smoke (1978)
Clod City: Princess Leap Year, Hang Zero, C-Thru-P-O, Blando and Barf Neighbor
Doctor Madblood talks to himself again
Doctor Madblood presides at the legendary Bong Show at Rogue's Gallery in 1979. This failed contestant went on to create the Doctor Madblood website 16 years later.
Doctor Madblood and the famous Morgan Trike
Don Davis played scheming farmer Luther McCoy, as well as Bad Bob the Pungo disc-jockey, and Henry Sugarbucks the old country millionaire
Reverend Fernwald greets Widow Paine at the Annual Halloween Howl
The Madblood Gang
The Yokel and Fluke from "Umpire"  
Velma Von Basketcase, Dr. Madblood, and Patience Dream at the Annual Halloween Howl
Producer Carter Perry doing Ray Walston  
Time-traveling Uncle Felonius visits Dr. Madblood
Prop Master Craig T. Adams creating yet another one of his outrageous devices
Producer Jon Doughtie Applies the Eyes
Author Dr. Roach celebrates  
Monsters hamming it up for the camera
Wire Woman flexes  
Producer Daniel Harrell
Debra Burrell reacts to a suspicious birthday cake during a taping with an 'angelic' Mike Arlo (Note Penny Marcialis keeping a safe distance in the background)  
Nurse Patience Dream wondering about a suspicious-looking monster
Nurse Patience Dream  
Nurse Patience Dream treating an outbreak of monsters
The Ladies of Madblood  
Doctor Madblood and Count Lacudra
Captain Codpiece hands over his submarine to Doctor Madblood, beginning their plans for a tiny submarine ride in "Funtastic Viewage"
Patience, Doctor Madblood, and Felonious Madblood prepare to shrink Captain Codpiece's submarine for their excursion into Brain
Patience, Captain Codpiece, Doctor Madblood, and Bilge Pump Bob (Jon Doughtie) grimace aboard their submarine
Doctor Madblood on the set at WTVZ-TV, 1991
Here's Lookin' At You! (WTVZ-TV 1991)  
Max and Patience! (WTVZ-TV 1991)
Nurse Patience Dream! (WTVZ-TV 1991)  
Another Fine Formula
Set Stage Left 1989 - 91  
Set Stage Right 1989 - 91
Brain up to his scheming  
Doctor Madblood wonders about his uncle
Dusty is excited  
Ernie struggles
Everybody's favorite mad scientist  
Uncle Felonius prepares for the exam
Uncle Felonius wants an autograph  
The Doc tries to explain
Uncle Felonius explains  
What the crew lives on
Tinker Grant  
Nurse Patience, the Sybil of the Swamp and Doctor Madblood
Toulous Latrine with an earlier picasso-esque portrait of Doctor Madblood  
Big game hunters, Sir Guy and Herr Otto arrive to dispatch an overlooked denizen of the monster basement
Raoul, leader of the "Raoulians," names Kid Exorcist as his head Space Cadet
Doctor Madblood summons Sybil of the Swamp to find a cure for a spell cast on his Uncle Felonius by the evil wizard Voldemorph
Friday Night Frights Episode One  
Doctor Madblood's Ethermorphic Receiver, repaired after serious Darthvaderist demolecularization in its Briandonlevian circuit boards causing Bilshatner Presence
Doctor Madblood, Nurse Patience listening to Toulouse Latrine who faces defenestration for his thematic obsession
Dusty puts up a brave front in the face of deathly portents
These Pungo Ponypunchers break out their leather hats and ten-gallon chaps for a Western Theme Night
Thus starts the second season on WSKY4!
Doctor Roach with some of his bug buddies  
The "Real" Madblood Manor on Court Street in Portsmouth in 2002
Script Goddess Debra Burrell is at her Continuity post on the Madblood set, just off-camera, pictured with some fawning acolyte she ended up marrying over 31 years ago.  
Action figures of Max Madblood and Buff Waldo were handmade by Monsterabilia Maniac Rob Floyd.
Doctor Madblood attends to a drop-in patient who had a surfing mishap.  
Max Madblood stands by his collection of Godzilla merchandise, in honor of his Late Show appearances at the Naro Expanded Cinema.
Susie Refo as Widow Paine, Susie Passanisi as Velma von Basketcase, visiting with Penny Marcialis as the current nurse, Patience Dream.  
The Children of the Damned who Doctor Madblood invited to celebrate his airing of a pair of TV shows about creepy children.