Doctor Madblood

The Whole Gang

  Steve Abramson Madblood's premiere director, co-visionary, and major influence in the beginning



Craig T. Adams Brain, Waldo, Uncle Felonious, Doctor Roach, Puppeteer, Grinfield, Tinker Grant, Bruno the Gupsy, Dweezil Van Horne, Commando Cliffhanger, Time-tripping Hippie, Tootles, Upchuck Killigan the Wrestler, Doctor Karoom Brownbeard the Pirate, Bubba Fat, Perry Mason, The Wooly Booger, Officer McGuffin, Gravis Mushnick, Memory Man, Werewolf, Garrison Frankenstein, Devil Dad From Mars, Fine Flamenco Guitarist, President of the Ed Wood Fan Club, Sergeant Cleese, Prop Designer Extraordinaire, Fuzz & Stuffing Puppets
  Mike Arlo Count Lacudra, Dusty the Cropduster, Kid Exorcist, Jinx, On-air at WAFX-FM 106.9 Norfolk, VA


Debra Burrell Yokel, Crewbaka, Nurse Florence Nightmare, Penny's evil alter ego Edie Hyde, one of the Mothra Twins, Psychic Bimbo voice, and a handful of puppets --- most of whom were alien-types, Script Continuity Director, Fuzz & Stuffing Puppets
  Johnna Doughtie Set Continuity Director, Prop & Set Designer
Jon Doughtie Barf Vapor, Madblood Director, Artist, Computer Animator, Prop Designer Production Manager at WTVZ-TV
Gary Eckstein Website
  Donna Garris Princess Lygia, Queen Mumenkara, Brain's wife Freida
  Jerry Harrell Doctor Maximillian Madblood, Obi Wan Madblood
  Penny Marcialis Nurse Patience Dream, Angel Graves
  Carter Perry Ernie, Madblood Director, Producer, Madblood Moments
  Susie Refo Widow Paine
  Susie Weston Velma Von Basketcase, Tiffany
Mark Young Volley, Madblood's Original Sidekick, Co-creator of Madblood's Movies, Writer & Producer