Jerry has portrayed Doctor Maximillian Madblood since the first episode aired on November 4, 1975. At the time of the program's creation, Jerry was the Assistant Production Manager at WAVY-TV in Portsmouth. A native of Morristown, Tennessee, Jerry moved to Hampton Roads in 1974. He was Creative Director at WAVY until 1982, when he left to form his own company, Harrell Productions. As a producer, writer and director, Jerry has been nominated for a total of five CableACE Awards for documentary production, and has twice won ADDY Awards for commercial production. Jerry is currently the Video Production Manager at Academic Technology Services at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Jerry is a lifelong student of the magical arts, and is a member of the Society of American Magicians, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Magic Collectors Association, and The Elders. He is listed in Who's Who in Magic (Dr. Bart Whaley) and enjoys adding some magic to the Madblood show whenever possible.

Mike joined the cast of Doctor Madblood in the summer of 1976, as the vampire Count Lacudra. Mike is a longtime resident of Hampton Roads, and for over 20 years was the most popular voice on WNOR-FM99. For the past several years, he's been at WAFX-FM 106.9, the local classic rock station. During his Madblood career, Mike has portrayed dozens of characters, including Dusty the Cropduster, Kid Exorcist, and Jinx the monster from the basement.

Craig became a part of the Madblood team in 1980, when he provided puppets for the Madblood spoof, The Umpire Strikes Back. He was immediately asked to join the cast, and has served as a variety of characters ever since, including Brain, Waldo the monster from the basement, Madblood's time-traveling Uncle Felonious, Doctor Roach, and many others. Craig is a professional puppetteer who co-owns Fuzz & Stuffing Puppets in Hampton Roads. He is also one of the Madblood program's producers, and has written a score of episodes. Behind the scenes, Craig is the source of most of Madblood's most outrageous props and devices.

Penny joined the Madblood gang when the program moved to the Fox station WTVZ-TV33 in 1989. She portrays one of the most popular characters on the show, the Doctor's beautiful nurse and assistant, Nurse Patience Dream, along with the psychic Angel Graves, and a number of other roles. In real life, Penny is a telecommunications business sales executive.

Carter portrays Ernie, the monster from the basement, along with a number of assorted oddball characters, and has been part of the Madblood gang almost from the beginning. In 1977, while still a high school student, Carter was a founding member of the Merry Madblood Mirthmakers, the Doctor's unofficial fanclub. Carter is a longtime video professional who edited the Madblood show when it was on PBS stations around Virginia, and was a co-author and editor of Doctor Madblood's Halloween Howl. (1984) In 1989, he became one the of the program's directors, and when the show was revived in 1995, he became one of the show's four producers.

Ron's first walk-on appearance was in 1989 and he's been a special guest since. He has played Lyle, the Pungo Nuclear plant technician several times. Other unforgettable roles have included Peeootrid the Gypsy, Ronfield, Ensign Nestley Cruncher, and more recently, Professor Quarrell, Gil Gruesome and Yawnni. Ron is an award winning actor and is drama director at Norfolk Academy.

Jewell joined us as the Sybil of the Swamp in 1984, for Madblood's Halloween Howl. She had previously been one of the aerobic dancers on "Fresh Airobics," a syndicated cable program put together by the same folks who were producing Madblood. She's joined us in the role whenever she's been able over the years and also played Quinine on our Star Trek TNG spoof. Jewell is in the insurance business.

Ken is our demented dentist, Dr. Dee Kline, president of the Pungo Homeowners Association. He has also been known to show up as gangsters, British Admirals, movie directors, ghost hunters or whatever might be of amusement to the Good Doctor. When he's not playing characters, Ken is one of our camera operators. Ken most recently was producer for Metro Networks, as well as reporting the traffic on several local stations. He's been doing voice work for Studio Center for decades, and has been a professional photographer since 1975.

Sybil's Sisters

Many years ago, we learned that the Sybil of the Swamp ran a school for Sybil Servants. In the second season on SKY4, the Sybil moved her operation into the old Von Basketcase house next to Madblood Manor. We then met Sybil's young student witches and life in Pungo hasn't been quite the same since. The Sybil's Sisters are Joy Riach (Witch Jan), Katarzyna Maj Rogers (Witch Ann), Lauren Sundarajan (Witch Fran) and Lori White (Witch Diane). When they are not in front of the cameras, Lauren and Lori are on the show's crew.

Mark the co-creator of Doctor Madblood's Movies, was the original sidekick, faithful little lab assistant Volley. After the show's first season, he was made the weatherman on WAVY-TV. Following a stint as a weatherman in Miami, Mark Young moved to the west coast and became a writer and producer for Hanna-Barbera Productions, where he wrote the animated feature film, Once Upon A Time in the Forest. Many of the episodes he wrote for The Jetsons are currently airing on The Cartoon Network. From Hanna-Barbera, Mark went to MGM Animation where he wrote and produced All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. Mark recently won an Emmy for his work on NBC's Discovery For Kids series Tutenstein. As the SVP for production for PorchLight Entertainment, he is now busy with the new Cartoon Network program The Secret Saturdays. He currently lives in Southern California and swaps tales with Steve Abramson.

Steve was the program's director for the first four seasons. Steve created the look and feeling of the original program, and was its premiere director. He set the tone for the show, designed and directed the pilot, and was still directing every episode all the way through the show's fourth anniversary, which he appeared in briefly. He created the look of Madblood's movie spoofs, beginning with Kinga Konga and through Invasion of the Bootie Snatchers and many many more. Steve is now working very successfully in Los Angeles. His most recent directing credits include episodes of "Sightings". Steve is also a location producer for the Dr. Phil show, and conducts interviews of filmmakers for the Director's Guild.

Jim is another long-time member of the Madblood Gang, joining the cast in 1979 to voice the Audio Shadow, as well as portraying the Doctor's nemesis, Reverand Fernwald, radio station guy Electric Ed, and earthquake monitor Dr. Sidney Richter, among others. Jim has been a longtime Hampton Roads radio personality.

Donna was Donna Stamm in 1975 when the program began, and was a regular for the first three seasons of the series, portraying the doctor's first nurse, as well as several of the program's most popular characters, including Princess Lygia, Queen Mumenkara, and Brain's wife, Freida. Donna left the show after a near-fatal auto accident in 1978, but comes back to visit us on a regular basis.

Joe was the film director at WAVY-TV when he was drafted into Madblood service. He was the voice of Brain, and created two of our most memorable characters, the Pungo druggist Elmo Hummer and Madblood's most evil nemesis Dr. Alexander Rader. As the villianous Dr. Rader, Joe hosted the most highly rated episode the program ever aired, The Death of Doctor Madblood in 1978. Joe passed away in 1993.

Sheree Bernardi was Betsy Von Basketcase, the first girl next door. She also portrayed a variety of comic characters, including Promissory Highnote. At the time, Sheree was the morning news gal at FM99. We heard she went to Missouri.

Susie was Velma Von Basketcase, Madblood's second nurse and assistant, from 1978 until the series ended on WAVY in 1982. Susie was also Velma's sister Tiffany, the time-traveling flower child, and portrayed a number of other characters. Susie now lives with her family in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and visits us as often as we can talk her into making the trip to Pungo.

Don was our scheming farmer Luther McCoy, as well as Bad Bob, the Pungo disc-jockey, and Henry Sugarbucks, the old country millionaire. In real life, Don was a Texas native who moved to Hampton Roads to be program director of WNOR radio. Don passed away in 1991.

Sooz Refo, once Pungo's delightful Widow Paine and sometimes Vice-Mayor Ghastly, now lives in Lewisville, TX with her family. She is President/CEO of Adventures in Advertising/Refo Enterprises, Inc., a company that produces promotional products. She has her headquarters in Lewisville, a branch office in Suffolk, VA and a web site at She was responsible for producing the T-shirts, bumper stickers and rubber brains available at Brain's Gift Shop.

Dennis joined the show in the late 1970s and played such twisted roles as Puce Vorteces, drama critic for the Pungo Peon, Deacon Hines, henchman of Reverend Fernwald and Oklahoma Bones in the 1984 Halloween Howl. Following his appearances on our show, Dennis moved to Orlando and continued his radio career at Q-102. Then he spent ten years doing the midday shift on Richmond's K-95. Today he is part owner of a limo service, and lives with his wife Shelly in Richmond.

Candy was one of our very special guests during the WTVZ years, playing the recurring role of Katrina Day-Donnerfeet, prima ballerina of the Pungo Ballet and Max's frequent flirt interest next door. She also played Elvavoom (an Elvira spoof), Dr. Bunny Cruncher in Quantum Trek, the Regurgitation, Queen Fallopea of Mars, Aleva, the Gypsy and lots of characters in our comedy bits. Candy is an award winning actress and has appeared in numerous films and "real" TV shows. By day, she is in real estate. We hope to lure her back to Pungo one day soon.

Valerie was our hilarious Brit, Miss Kitty Rights, a rabid animal activist who made several visits to Madblood Manor in the 1989-1992 run at WTVZ. She also played Micki-Nicki-Vicki in a spoof of the Friday the 13th TV show, Not-Nancy Allen in Strange Investors and Prunella Quagmire in a send-up of The Fog. Last we heard, she was a medical staff person. We hope to see her again some day.

Terrance is an award winning actor and playwright who came out to play with us a couple times in 1990 and 1991. He was Georgi LaPorgie in our Star Trek TNG spoof, and did a few other bits for us which we greatly appreciated. When he is not acting and writing, Mr. Afer-Anderson works for the Norfolk Department of Health and has administered programs for youth and prison inmates. Our door is always open to Terrance.

Lynn is yet another award winner to grace our fair Pungo. She was wonderful as our Marianne ripoff in the 1984 Halloween Howl. She also played Margaret Overwrought, Lady Mayoress of Pungo. Lynn is a professional storyteller and a good good friend who shows up for all our Halloween party scenes.

Jon Doughtie is a contributing graphic artist, computer animator, prop-deviser, and music and sound effects creator. And he has the best laugh in the gang.

Daniel is our computer animation designer, and was the Production Manager at Harrell Productions. He photographed and edited an ACE-nominated documentary with his father, and has worked with the FX Network and crews from The Travel Channel, PBS, and CNN.

Debra is our Script Continuity Director and has been a member of the Madblood gang since 1980, when she and husband Craig T. Adams worked on The Umpires Strike Back. In that episode, she portrayed Yokel. Debra is a co-author and co-producer of Doctor Madblood's Halloween Howl. In real life, Debra is Volunteer Services Manager for the Norfolk Botanical Garden and is a teacher and puppeteer for the Fuzz & Stuffing Puppets .

Johnna is the Set Continuity Director and has the thankless task of decorating the set, coming up with various props and keeping track of everything. Including her husband Jon.

Kristen ran camera for us at WTVZ for the 1995-2002 run as well as the whole run of Jerry and Craig T's Club 33 kid show before that. Kristen is now our revered FNF Telepromptmistress and is married to Mr. Harrell. We are delighted not only that she lets Jerry come out to play, but that she joins us for the fun as well. Kristen works at the Diabetes Institutes Foundation.

Rachel is our Tech Director, Audio Person and whatever else needs doing in the control booth when Carter is playing Ernie Monster. Rachel does the same thing during the day at Academic Television Services at Old Dominion University.

Bill is another stalwart camera operator who has been with us since he shot Jerry and Craig T during Club 33. Bill is always there for us and we are very very grateful. When he's not playing with us, Bill does TV work for the Norfolk Public Schools system.

James Headrick is our Camera Three operator. James has also contributed props and was the infamous "Slamdor" in our 1997 Halloween show.

Lori joined us as Floor Director during the first season of Friday Night Frights. By day she does video production work for Northrup Grumman.

Chi does audio for us and, by day, is a Classroom Operator at Old Dominion University.

Gary is our longtime award-winning webmaster and graphic designer for the show.